SmartOgle – The Complete Banking Solution

SmartOgle - The Complete Banking Solution

SmartOgle is designed to simplify financial activities of Co-Operative Bank, which gives you complete control over accounting, inventory and statutory processes.
SmartOgle is recognized for feature rich business solution with English and regional language support. Continuous enhancement of the software over the years has made it well matured and stabilized.

Products Major Features

  • Flexible Installation Mode  On premise/Cloud.
  • Core/Distributed data with periodic updation to server.
  • Drill down to feature from Balance sheet to entry level
  • Support both English and Regional Language like Kannada,Hindi,Tamil
  • MVC -WEB API Architecture.

Basic Modules

Master Entry

  • Customer Master , Permanent /Present address maintenance
  • Photo and Signature scanning and storage system
  • Customer Management , SHG Promoter/SHG Circle
  • A/C Head Creation, A/C Group Creation and Non A/C Head Creation
  • Share Master, Deposit Master, Loan Master
  • Investment Master, Borrowing Master, Other Subsidiary Master
  • Employee / Staff master, Asset Management, Rent Management
  • Printing and Stationary Management / Inward / outward / Stock

Transaction Entry

  • Receipt/Payment/Adjustment Voucher Entry
  • SB/CD Interest, Periodically FD Interest Transfer
  • Branch Monthly R&D Entry, Memorandum Voucher Entry
  • Master entry authentication, Voucher Authentication
  • Transaction from Pigmy Machine, Branch Reconciliation

Financial Reports

  • Cash Chitta, Daybook, General Ledger/ Month wise / Day wise.
  • R & D (Receipt and Payments).
  • Trial Balance, Trading A/C, Profit and Loss A/C,Balance sheet.

Share Module

  • Share Master,    Shareholders Balance List , Dividend Payable List
  • Dividend Voucher,  Members List And Address List (Conditions)
  • Area Wise Member List And Address List     ,Nominee List
  • Members Group wise/Cast wise Report , Members Identity Card
  • Share Issue Register, Share Members GroupWise Balance List
  • Liabilities Register / Member Status (Including Surety Details)
  • Share Certificate printing

Deposits /Investment Module

  • Deposit Master , Investment Master, Deposit Holder Balance List
  • Deposit Received Register, Supervisor Wise Balance
  • Deposit Maturity List, Deposit Individual Ledger
  • Interest Payable and Paid (For Any Date), Interest Wise Deposit List
  • Cheque Book Issue /Stop Payment / Cheque book stock statement
  • Investment Ledger, SB A/c Passbook Printing
  • Interest rate schedule , Deposit Certificate issue
  • Pigmy Depositors Individual Ledger, Pigmy Collection Monthly Statement
  • Pigmy Account Holder List, Pigmy Collection Summarized List

Loan/Borrowing Module

  • Loan master entry,Loan borrowing master entry ,Loan Balance List
  • Loan Issue Register, Loan Group wise Balance List
  • Loan borrowers Address List, Loan borrowers Count
  • Loan Borrowing List, Notice Issues ,Members Loan Over Due List
  • Borrowings Over Due List , Defaulter List
  • Loan Status [Bal., Od,. Int. Due, Next Installment dt, Other Dues}
  • Transaction Related Reports, Demand Collection Balance Statements
  • Jewel Issue Register, Jewel Balance Register,Jewel Ledger
  • Loan Ledger,Loan Pass Book, Interest Wise List
  • Gold Stock List,Gold Searching, Product Loan Management
  • CCL, MKCC etc Renewal, CCL, MKCC etc Renewal Draw Limit Renewal

Optional Modules

  • Vaidyanathan’s Related Report
  • Coverage Of Membership – annexure 1
  • DCB Statement (VI) &Period –Wise Classification of Overdue (VII)
  • Asset Classification and Provisioning Requirement
  • Detail Of Deposit Mobilized –XII & Growth In Share Capital (XIII)

Cheque Collection Module

  • Bank Master,Branch Master,Holiday Master
  • Clearing House Master, Clearing Number Master
  • Inward OCC,Inward Clearing Out,Inward Our Branch Cheque
  • OCC Cheque,Clearing Out Cheque, Clearing In Cheque,Day end Voucher

Bills Collection Module

  • Inward Bills For Collections,Inward Bills Closure, BC Related Voucher,Remittance
  • Outward Bills Collection Master,Outward Bills Conversion,Outward Bills Closure
  • Entry and maintenance of DD/PO Payable & Receivable

Locker Management Module

  • Locker Rent Master, Locker Rent Amount Setting
  • Locker Status,Locker Due List, Locker Allotment Status


  • Employee / Staff Master, Maintenance fixed deduction
  • Maintenance of Monthly salary Details of all employees for a specified period
  • Salary certificates, Employee’s statement

Furniture & Fixture Module

  • Furniture and fixture class, Furniture and fixture sub a/c, Assigning distinct number
  • Furniture purchase, dispose and transfer, Furniture Location change
  • Depreciation calculation

Pay Demand Module

  • Organization Master, Pay Demand Report Configuration
  • Demand Generation, Automatic Demand Voucher Adjusted System

Inventory Module

  • Item Master, Product, Make, VAT group master
  • Sales, Purchase, Transfer, Sales Return, Purchase Return, Stock Journal
  • Debit Note, Credit Note, Stock Verification Entry, Price List Entry,
  • Inventory Status-, Low Stock, High Stock, and Age wise Stock
  • Fast Moving, Slow/ Non Moving Goods, Stock Statement, Stock Verification Reports
  • Stock ledger, Stock Register, Item wise, Place wise, Supplier wise, Branch wise, Section wise, Party wise, Sales & Purchase ,Job work Stock Ledger